Heathers (2018) Review


TLDR: I just watched the 2018 reboot of the 1988 movie Heathers, and it was really disappointing.

I was hoping the Heathers remake would be good, because the 1988 movie is a cult favorite of mine. The original was dark, humorous, and oh so clever. I first watched Heathers when I was in high school and growing up in a wealthy town, I saw some of my own experiences with social groups reflected in the film.

The reboot is misguided. As Refinery29 put it, “Heathers makes it seem like the biggest problem teenagers face on the daily is climbing the social ladder and curating their Instagram accounts, making them as shallow and self-absorbed as ever.” It reeks of middle-aged dudes trying to write for teens (not that there’s anything wrong with middle-aged dudes, but you get the point).

After the horrific Parkland shooting, Paramount Network decided to delay the show until later this year, but you can still find the pilot online. You should probably just skip it, though, and just watch (or re-watch) the original movie on Netflix.

Wyatt Walter-Dawahare @wyatt